Jan 13, 2015

List of the best songs in December 2014, genre deep house

This is a list of songs with deep house genre that I've carefully one by one selection. All songs in the list under the Nice and very tasty, perfect for the dj in action.

If you want to download please search through google site, you will surely find it. Please note you may have to buy the songs if no one share for free. A list of the best songs in December 2014, genre deep house, I hope can be a reference for you who are looking for a great song.

List of the best songs in December 2014

1. Bruno Dubass - Dance To The Death (Original Mix) Diamondhouse
2. Chicane, Bo Bruce - Still With Me (Van Hoog Edit) Modena
3. Chris Neon, Kaysee - Ordinary Life (More & Masters Remix) Pink Fish
4. City Soul Project - The Ride (Original Mix) City Soul Recordings
5. Craig Cornes - Over Love (Original Mix) Orange Groove
6. Criminal Vibes - My Heart (Original Mix) LoudBit
7. Da Capo - I Want You Back feat Soul Star (Original Mix) Soul Candi
8. Dani Villa, Rodri Vegas - Hoes (Original Mix) Feel Free
9. David Penn, Rober Gaez, Rae - I Lift My Hands (Club Mix) Urbana Recordings
10. Dirty Culture - So Many Things Save Room Recordings
11. Dirty South - Unbreakable feat Sam Martin (SNBRN Remix) Astralwerks (ASW)
12. Dj Bee, Soulution 4 Funk - Corruption (Original Mix) Adaptation Music
13. DJ Vartan, Techcrasher - To Be Close (Original Mix) Tactical
14. Djane Koki, Silver Ivanov - Deja Vu (Original Mix) Beatdown
15. Djane Koki, Silver Ivanov - Hold You (Original Mix) Beatdown
16. Doc Hosea - Back Ground Noise POJI
17. Dominic Bullock - Who Could This Be feat Hannah Dallas (Collabor8 Mix) Orange Groove
18. Dominica, Peter Gelderblom, Randy Colle - I Gotta Let U Go (Original Mix) Work  (Spinnin)
19. Eric Faria, Marta Martins, Joe Silveira - We Can Do It (Original Mix) LIP
20. Evil Twin, MZ Theo - Dreams (Original Club Mix) Moody Recordings
21. Fabio Tosti - Your Soul (Original Mix) Underground Mjuzieek Digital
22. Fire-Beat - Next (Original Mix) Buragum
23. Funkstar De Luxe - Sun Is Shining (Pole Folder & Jose Maria Ramon Rework) Lifted House
24. Gilbert Le Funk - Son Of A Gun (Original Mix) La Musique Fantastique
25. Gordon John - Move This (Original Mix) Hedonistic
26. Guim - The Way You Do (Original Mix) No Matter What
27. Hade & Gutta - Nothing Wrong Local Talk
28. House Soldiers - I'm Loving You (Original Mix) Hach
29. House Soldiers, Nobody's Fools - Come Right Here (Noah Petersen Remix) Hach
30. Hoxton Whores - Fusion feat Krysten Cummings (Benny Royal Remix) Whore House

List of the best songs in December 2014, genre deep house

31. IDQ - It's True (Original Mix) Love Inc
32. Illyus & Barrientos - Need Me (Brett Gould & Kevin McKay Remix) Glasgow Underground
33. J Latham - You & Me (Original Mix) ApartmentSixtyThree
34. Jackson Ryland - Total (Original Mix) Holic Trax
35. James Dexter - Take Me Back (Original Mix) Holic Trax
36. James Silk - Electric (Original Mix) Get Twisted
37. Jamie Stewart - You & I (Club Mix) Carrillo Music LLC
38. Jazz City - Space cafe (superclap cut) Manifold
39. J-Me Griffiths, Carwyn Harris - Good For Me (Original Mix) Mjuzieekal Education Digital
40. Joeski, Harry Romero, Shawnee Taylor - Get It Right (Dub Mix) Defected
41. K-Klass_-_Is_It_You__(Ben_Dooks_Remix)_Klass_Action
42. Kruse & Nuernberg, Michelle Owen, Isis Salam - We Find Deep (Formula 101 Remix) Rejected
43. Luca Bisori - Better Do It (Original Mix) Adaptor Recordings
44. Lucarelli, State Unknown & Lovella Ellis - You're My Everything (Atilla Cetin Nitec Remix)
45. Lucarelli, State Unknown & Lovella Ellis - You're My Everything (Extended Mix)
46. Maison All Stars - Say The Word (Original Mix) Mjuzieekal Education Digital
47. Mark Dale - Eyes Wide Shut (Original Mix) Hedonistic
48. Mark Fanciulli - Seal Of Approval (Original Mix) Suara
49. Martin Thomas - Move On (Original Mix) Soul City Digital
50. Matt Caseli, Terry Lex, Catraz - Born Slippy .Nuxx (Original Mix)
51. Max Corderoy - Nocturnal Soul (Original Mix) Seamless Recordings
52. Michael Lehmann - Untitled (Original Mix) Jazzy Butterfly
53. Mike V, Roberto Apodaca - Ashley Rivera (Original Mix) Fourth Kind
54. Milk & Sugar - Needin U With Barbara Tucker (Original Mix) Milk & Sugar
55. Modaal & Discojack - Don't Stop Zulu
56. Mutantbreakz, Kuplay - Outbreak (Original Mix) Need Money
57. Nastee Nev - Fly Away (feat Merldy B) House Afrika
58. Night Safari - Night Franklin Zulu
59. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (John Jacobsen Remix) Pacha Recordings
60. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (Samson Lewis Remix) Pacha Recordings
61. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (U-Ness & JedSet 2014 SoulHeat Remix)
62. Paul Hutchinson - Feel This One (Main Mix) Soul Mjuzieek Digital
63. Paul Hutchinson - Needin Your Love (Original Mix) Soul Mjuzieek Digital
64. Paul Sirrell - Bass Power (Original Mix) Orange Groove
65. Paul Sirrell - Stand By You (Original Mix) Orange Groove
66. Pete Tong - Dawn (Franky Rizardo Remix) Defected
67. Quell - Disorder Digital Exclusive (Original Mix) Saints & Sonnets
68. Ramon Poslera - You Got Me Burn (Original Mix) Old Lake
69. Rio Dela Duna, Luca Debonaire - Because Of You (We're 2Gether) (Original Mix) Casa Rossa
70. Rio Dela Duna, Terri B! - Say It (Original Mix) Housesession

list of the best songs in December 2014, genre deep house

71. Rob Turnover feat Jessy Howe - Freeride (Minus 8 Deep Vocal Mix) Beyond 8
72. Roberto Lopez, Jako Diaz - My Body (Jako Diaz Remix) Conkrete Digital Music
73. Schuhmacher, Dr. May - Back Home (James Silk Remix) 3beat
74. Seascape, Dawn Tallman - I Give It All To You (Seascape Mix) unquantize
75. Sebb Aston - We Fit Together (Original Mix) Simma Black
76. Shift K3Y - Not In To It (Original Mix) Ultra
77. Sllash - You (Paul Damixie Remix) Epic Tones
78. Sonic Future - Next To Me (Do Santos & Who Else Remix) Santos Music
79. State Unknown, Cassandra London - Need 2 Know (Est8 Remix) Guess
80. Ste Haley - So Hot (Original Mix) Orange Groove
81. Steevan, Neli - We Will Survive (SoulPoizen Futuristic Mix) Herbs & Soul Music
82. Terry Lex, Sean David, Angie Brown - I Need You (Carl Hanaghan Discopolis Remix)
83. Tilson & Diz - Desire (Original Mix) Get Twisted
84. Todd Terry - Sunshine (Ruben Anderson & William Belart) Line Up
85. Urban Flex - Need To Travel feat Nikol Forlida (Original Mix) Zero10
86. Will Clarke - No Shame feat Jason Honeywell (Original Mix) Seamless Recordings
87. Wrighty - Underground Groove (Original Mix) Defined Music
88. Yolanda Be Cool, Dcup - Sugar Man (Club Mix) Sweat It Out!
89. Yolanda Be Cool, Dcup - Sugar Man (POOLCLVB Remix) Sweat It Out!
90. Yvel & Tristan - Carolina (Crossninetroll Remix) Hi!Fly Music
91. A Lister - Hanging On (Original Mix) Orange Groove
92. Andrey Exx, Diva Vocal, Troitski - Get Up Stand Up (Spell & Magre Remix) Tiger
93. AS I AM, Nicola Tate - Saving Grace (Original) Defected
94. ATFC, Inaya Day - Reach Out To Me 2014 (eSQUIRE Houselife Remix) Conkrete Music
95. Big & Serious, Mierous Hennesy - Orbit (Time Takers Remix) Urban Dubz Music
96. Brazo Wa Afrika - Deep Within (Mofunk35) Mofunk

If you want to dance without moving from your seat, deep house is choice. List of the best songs in December 2014, genre deep house.  May be useful