Mar 6, 2017

50 Tracklist vocal trance 2016, all the song good

When I want to get the best song, the first thing I do with listening to them at the online store one by one. then I decided to buy it. This very time-consuming and energy. Thus, by providing a list of 50 best vocal trance song, I hope it can help you.

50 Tracklist vocal trance 2016, all the song good

50 Tracklist vocal trance 2016, all the song good

  1. Ana Criado & Denis Kenzo - Beautiful Creature (Dub) [Sir Adrian Music]
  2. Ana Criado & Denis Kenzo - Beautiful Creature (Original Mix) 
  3. Andy Moor, Michele C - We Can Be Free (Original Mix)
  4. Angel Falls, Aley & Oshay - I Found My Way (Original Mix) 
  5. Angel Falls, Terry Gaters - Always in My Mind (Original Mix) 
  6. Armin van Buuren, Nadia Ali - Who Is Watching (Paul Denton Extended Remix) 
  7. Artisan feat Anki - Love is Divine (Original Mix)
  8. B.Exp, Lukas Solcani - Believe in Me (Original Mix) [Silk Music]
  9. Beatsole, Michael Retouch, Juliet Lyons - Shed A Tear (Original Mix) [Magic Trance]
  10. Ben Nicky, Chloe - Anywhere (Original Mix) [Universal Nation]
  11. Biotones & Damon Rush feat Chris Maroo - Un Vis (Original Mix) 
  12. Bobina & JES - iBelieve (Lange Remix) [Magik Muzik]
  13. Christina Novelli, Lanos - Home (James Dymond Extended Remix) [Garuda]
  14. Clare Stagg, Kayat  - The Calling (Original Mix) 
  15. Crystal Blakk, Omar Sherif - Hear You Calling (Extended Mix) 
  16. Danny Chen, Victoria RAY - Waiting For You (Extended Mix) 
  17. DimaY  -  I Miss You  [Gert Records]
  18. Emanuele Braveri, Nathia Kate, Aylin - Love Is Blinding Me (Nathia Kate Dark Vocal Mix) 
  19. Emerge & Adrian Alexander feat Esslu- Prove Me Right (Vocal Mix)
  20. Fabio XB & Liuck feat Roxanne Emery - Nowhere To Be Found (Extended Mix) 
  21. Gareth Emery, Wayward Daughter - Reckless (Standerwick Extended Remix) [Garuda]
  22. Genix, Sue McLaren - Lose Yourself (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
  23. Holly Drummond, Judah (Official) - Faith in Love (Fatum vs. Judah Club Mix) 
  24. Jase_Thirlwall,_Victoria_Shersick_-_I'll_Still_Have_You_(Extended_Mix)
  25. Javii Wind - Voices Of Another Dimension (David Surok Remix) 
  26. Jennifer Rene, Jericho Frequency - I'll Be Waiting (Extended Mix)
  27. Jennifer Rene, Somna - Awakening (Amir Hussain Remix) [AVA Recordings 
  28. Jennifer Rene, Somna - Awakening (Original Mix) [AVA Recordings 
  29. Mark Sixma, Jonathan Mendelsohn  - Way To Happiness (Club Mix) [Armind (Armada)]
  30. Markus Schulz, Mia Koo - Summer Dream (Anske Remix) 
  31. Markus Schulz, Mia Koo - Summer Dream (Extended Mix) 
  32. Myon & Shane 54, Haley - Round We Go (Standerwick Remix) [Ride Recordings]
  33. NoMosk & Roman Messer feat Christina Novelli  -  Lost Soul (Aleksey Sladkov Remix) 
  34. NoMosk & Roman Messer feat Christina Novelli  -  Lost Soul (Elite Electronic Remix) 
  35. Rebecca Louise Burch, Dogus Kilic - Set Us Free (Privilege Remix) 
  36. ReOrder, Audrey Gallagher  - Your Own Way (Original Mix) 
  37. Roman Messer feat Robin Vane - Someday (Denis Kenzo Remix) [Suanda Music]
  38. Ronski Speed & Aruna  -  All the Way (Alan Morris Remix)  
  39. Ruben De Ronde, Rodg, Louise Rademakers - Leave A Light On (Extended Mix) [Statement!]
  40. Sepehr Nazari - The Persian Epopee (Original Mix) 
  41. Sky Angel feat MarGo Lane - You and I [Azima Records]
  42. Somna, Amy Kirkpatrick - Volcano (Original Mix) 
  43. Tenishia, Cathy Burton - Take Me With You (Bluskay Remix) 
  44. Terry Gaters feat Angel Falls  -  Always In My Mind (Original Mix)
  45. Vedde feat C. Todd Nielsen - Run [Freeway]
  46. Yuri Kane, Ana Criado - Running Wild (Liam Wilson Remix) 
  47. Zephyrtone -  Let Me Go (Original Mix)  [System Recordings][
  48. Stargazers, Fridolijn - Soul From Harm (Original Mix)
  49. Talla 2xlc, Jilliana Danise - What Could Be Better (Original Mix)
  50. Somna, Diana Leah - Fell For You (Original Mix) [AVA Recordings

All the songs on above you can find at, junodownload, and others. 

Apr 23, 2015

Nice break songs list, January 2015

Do you like the genre of the song Break? Although this kind of music is now very rare that love, but I saw some Electro house music style for instance, now has made a variation of their music, with the added element of break beat genre. I found some songs by genre electro house, where in the middle of the song there is a break style. I think it's possible to be made electro house music that is not boring. Nice break the track list of January 2015, the following list, might be your reference in the search for song of nice break. I have been filtering of the data tracks that I have.

Nice break songs list, January 2015

1. Mutantbreakz, Knox! - I'm Gone (Original Mix)
2. Mutantbreakz, Knox! - Sex Tape (Original Mix)
3. The Brotherbreakz - Lest Go! (Original Mix)
4. Huda Hudia - Poltergeist (Dark Remix)
5. DJ Ekl - Steel (Original Mix) [Sons Of Noise Records].
6. Huda Hudia - Just Go (Original Mix) [Kaleidoscope Music].
7. Huda Hudia - Drop It (Original Mix) [Kaleidoscope Music].
8. Huda Hudia - Poltergeist (Original Mix) [Kaleidoscope Music].
9. Disperto Certain - Skin Out (Staxia Remix) [Stars & Knights Records].
10. Wes Smith, BumpR StickR - Don't Stop The Robot (Wes Smith's Califunkya Remix)

Nice break songs list, January 2015

11. Wes Smith, BumpR StickR - Back Again feat Shana Rockit (DJ Fixx Remix) [Juice Recordings
12. Optobot - Do Not Adjust Your Set (Kulman Rmx) [Diablo Loco].
13. Rhythmic Bliss, Superfly Jeff - No More Fears (Rick Tedesco's Apprehension Mix)
14. Deibeat - In Your Face (Original Mix) [The Pooty Club Records].
15. Jdouble - KIT 27 (Original Mix) [Ravesta Records].
16. Keith Mackenzie, Fixx, Fly Boi Keno - Drummer Boyz (Original Mix)
17. Amy B, Prefect - Don't Walk Away (83 Till Remix) [Yes Yes Records].
18. Xpander - Walk Away (Perfect Kombo Remix) [Distorsion Records].
19. EvilBeat - Elektrik Storm (Dynomyt Remix) [Toast & Jam Recordings].
20. Resistor - EV SixtyNine (Resonant Status Remix) [VIM Records].
21. Comandbass, Anonyms - I Wanna Butter You Up (Headset Heroes Remix)
22. Mad Tek - Promised (Mr.Killen Remix) [Deep Garnet Records].
23. Warminstrel - Defender Break (Original Mix) [Young NRG Productions].
24. Mafia Kiss, Alison Levi - Move My Soul (Original Mix) [Punks].
25. Mafia Kiss - It Began in Detroit (Original Mix) [Punks].
26. JDOUBLE - The Drop (Original Mix) [Ravesta Records].
27. CRAB DJs - MAINSTREAM feat ZACOON (Original Mix) [Fantomas Records].
28. Agent K - Jacker (Original Mix) [Digital Records].
29. Rhythmic Bliss, Superfly Jeff - No More Fears (Original Mix) [Getaway Recordings].
30. Kuplay, The Flea - Homeboy (Original Mix) [The Pooty Club Records].

Nice break songs list, January 2015

31. Phat Kidz - Get Up N Get Ill (Original Mix) [Stars & Knights Records].
32. Alex Clubbers - Party People (Original Mix) [Teknical Records].
33. Gennadiy Adamenko - The Road (Original Mix) [G.Star Records].
34. Charlie Darker - HMF (Original Mix) [Kannibalen Records].
35. Charlie Darker - Kreechers (Original Mix) [Kannibalen Records].
36. NLP - Showtime (Original Mix) [DogEatDog Records].
37. K4DJ - Light Out (Original Mix) [Spektra Recordings].
38. Krafty Kuts - Dope 2 Drop (Original Mix) [Instant Vibes].
39. Pyramid, Ivory, Rubi Dan - Stick Up (Original Mix) [Hot Cakes].
40. DJ Fixx - We Run This (Original Mix) [Illeven Eleven].
41. Geon - Phobos (Original Mix) [Acida Records].
42. DJ Icey - That Thang (Original Mix) [Zone Records].
43. Dorchester, LaGorce - Eyez On Haze (DJ Icey & ILL DJ Chris B Remix)
44. DNch - Kebab (Original Mix) [Kiosek Records].

The songs in the list is very nice and is well suited to make the crowd dance. You can get the songs in the list of songs nice break of January 2015, in the online music store, Beatport, junodownload, and others.

Jan 23, 2015

List of songs good House music december 2014

Although it is very tiring to select the data that good songs genre house in December 2014, but I had to do. Because it can make my hard drive is full and it is unfortunate save the songs that are less good, which ultimately unused. List of songs are good in December I have already completed the selection yesterday. Below is the list of songs genre house music that good for DJ:

Track-List of songs good House music december 2014

1) Basement Jaxx - Power to the People (Hold Me Mix) Atlantic Jaxx
2) Chocolate Puma, Firebeatz - I Can't Understand (Original Mix) Spinnin
3) Chris Willis, Crazibiza - Lonely One (Hoxton Whores Remix) PornoStar
4) Chunks, I.N.H - Feel The Sound (Original Mix) Starlight
5) CN Williams, Nathan Lee, Angie Brown - Do You Feel Good (Original) Reelhouse
6) Coco Street, Deeflash - Everybody Jump (Chemical Harmony Remix) MK837
7) Copyright -In Da Club (Shake Sht Up) (Franky_Rizardo_Remix)_Defected
8) Coqui Selection - Trouble (Original Mix) Hotfingers
9) Damier Soul - We Are Back (Original Mix) Tactical
10) Dan Starie - Turn It Up (Original Mix) Mento
11) Dani Vars, Sergio Bilous - Stand By Me Pedroche Recordings
12) Dario Nunez, Misael Deejay - Stema (Original Mix) Soleado Recordings
13) Death on the Balcony - Distant Minds (Original Mix) Holic Trax
14) Deceptive - Got Me Feelin (Original Mix) Get Twisted
15) DJ Zhukovsky, Laura Grig - I Will Survive (Original Mix) Bedroom Muzik
16) Doc Hosea - Between My Ears POJI
17) Double Bass - Ego (Original Mix) Night Beat
18) Elio & Sylvester - Ipanema (Original Mix) Afro Beat
19) Elio & Sylvester - Usangi (Original Mix) Afro Beat
20) Eric Faria, Marta Martins, Joe Silveira - We Can Do It (Mad Morello Remix) LIP
21) Ernesto Mendoza - Jazz Rules (Angel Heredia Remix) Neptuun City
22) Francesco Bianco, Davide Svezza - Yeh Yeh (Jerome Robins & Jorge Montia Remix)
23) FunkyDee - Salsa (Original Mix) Big Mama's House
24) Gabriel Marchisio - Latin Vive (Original Mix) Cancun
25) Gallo, Alaia, Luca Debonaire - Fire Island (Original Mix) Soleado Recordings
26) Gerald Henderson, Alex Sinclar - Filibo (Original Mix) 4Kenzo Limited
27) Gordon John - Get This (Original Mix) Hedonistic
28) Graham Dixon - Reflex (Original Mix) House Arrest
29) Groove Phenomenon - Africa Tribe (Original Remix) Work  (Spinnin)
30) Gyrussdye - Cyber (Original Mix) Officina Sonora
31) Hanna Hansen - Testify (Original Mix) Tiger
32) Hardlight - Drumaholic (Original Mix) Cool Beat
33) Io Star - Feel It (Club Version) Souling
34) J.A.V.E. - Sequence Start (Original Mix) Souling
35) Jair Ydan, Erik Mota, Joey Avila - Mac Daddy (Original Mix) Dynamic Musik
36) Javier Penna - Back To House Music (J8Man Remix) Pacha Recordings
37) Javier Penna - Back To House Music (Santiago Moreno Remix) Pacha Recordings
38) Joe Lukketti, MM, Majuri - Talamanca (Walterino & House Device Remode) Souling
39) Joeski, Harry Romero, Shawnee Taylor - Get It Right (Club Mix) Defected
40) Johan K - Go On (Organ Mix) Mental Madness
41) John Moss - Can't Control (Original Mix) Seamless Recordings
42) Jose Montoro - Hay Algo En El Aire (T. Tommy Remix) Leima House
43) Julia Del More - Give It Up! (Luca Debonaire Club Mix) Jango Music
44) Knife Party - Red Dawn (Original Mix) Earstorm
45) Loquito - Shaft (Original Mix) Musical Noize
46) Luca Bisori - Brooklin in da Houze (Original Mix) Adaptor Recordings
47) Luca Debonaire, Damon Grey (aka Lucas Reyes) - Cant Take This Sh##! (Original Mix) Tiger
48) Luca Debonaire, Matt Auston - Snap! (Original Mix) Tiger
49) Lydia Sanz - Can We Save Our Love feat Amannda (Original Mix) Matinee Music
50) Maff Boothroyd, Debbie Sharp - Music Is The Answer 2014 (Original Mix) Conkrete Digital

List of songs good House music december 2014

51) Man Loves Machine - Machine Warped (Original Mix) Traxacid Limited
52) Man Without A Clue - Back 2 Da Old Skool (Synthless No Build Up Mix) Dope Wax
53) Man Without A Clue - I Got a Funky Vibe (Who Else Remix) King Street Sounds
54) Mark Wiseman - Play Down The Funk (Original Mix)
55) Mike Efex - Machine City (Original Mix) Coldharbour Recordings
56) Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez - Send Me An Angel (feat Harry Tyler - Big Room Anthem Mix)
57) Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez - Strange Love (feat Harry Tyler - Big Room Anthem Mix
58) Nick Wolanski - Move Your Body feat Kathy Brown (Martin Sharp Remix) Housesession
59) Nikko Sunset - I Wanna Love (Original Mix) Zero10
60) Parov Stelar - Clap Your Hands (Wolfgang Lohr Remix) Etage Noir Recordings
61) Phill Kay - SAY HEY (Afro Mix) Free Recordings
62) Pyrocight - Elementary DFTD
63) Rafael Starcevic, Liu Rosa, Elias Rojas - Big Party (Original Mix) Sweet Karma
64) Rain Man - Hardcore Vibes (Alex Van Alff Remix Extended) Area 51
65) Raul Cremona - My House (Original Mix) Tactical
66) Ray MD - Groove in White (Blusa Remix) Heavenly Bodies
67) Rhythmoholia - The Limit (Original Mix) Pacha Recordings
68) Ricardo Maravilha - Put Your Drinks Up (Original Mix) Cool Beat
69) Richie Lee, Holl & Rush - Take A Bite feat Richie Lee (Big & Dirty Ibiza 2014 Exclusive)
70) Rio Dela Duna - Infernal Sax feat Benjammin' (Original Mix) Housesession
71) Rob Turnover feat Jessy Howe - Freeride (Vocal Extended Mix) Beyond 8
72) Robbie Rivera - This Is My House (Original Mix) Tiger
73) Rodrigo Carreira - Everybody (Original mix) Synk
74) Ronte Monte Mo - Schmusen muss sein (Original Mix) Monaberry
75) Ruffneck, Yavahn - Everybody Be Somebody (Lucas & Steve Lucas & Steve Dub Mix) Real
76) Salome De Bahia - Outro Lugar (Prok & Fitch Remix) Yellow Productions
77) San D. Tropez, Dj Antonius - Summer in My Heart (Tim Rolan Remix) Rack Deep
78) Sandy Rivera & Haze - Freak (Franky Rizardo Remix) Defected
79) Sergio Pardo, Rhythmoholia - Shake Your Booty (Original Mix)
80) Shapes - U Never Loved Me (Original Mix) BMKLTSCH RCRDS

List of songs good House music december 2014

81) Shaun Warner, Jamie Lee Wilson - Promise Me (Jason Chance Remix)
82) SheffeRSounD - So Sexy (Original Mix) Gysnoize Recordings
83) Siege - Things You Do (Original Mix) Zerothree
84) Silvio Luz, Jota Pe - Keep On Shining feat Denis Larose (Original Mix) Bongo Tone
85) Silvio Luz, Unleaded - Voices (Original Mix) Be Yourself Music
86) Siwell - I Need It (Original Mix) Sphera
87) Soul Power - Hold Up (Original Mix) Soul City Digital
88) Southlight, Michael Duchesne - Night 2 Day (Shaun Warner & Rouge Remix)
89) StarWhores - Live Your Life (Extended Mix) TRAK MUSIC
90) T. Tommy, Priscila Due, VIC & BEN, DJ SHADE J - To Deserve You (Hugo Sanchez Supermodel 2015 Remix) Leima House
91) The Clinic - Monsters Burp (Geo Da Silva & Jack Mazzoni Extended Edit) Spitfire Music
92) Tradelove - Baby (Original Mix) LoudBit
93) Voltereto - Jibaro (Original Mix) KULT
94) Agua Sin Gas - You Don't Stop (Original Mix) InStereo Recordings
95) Alexco - Let's Make a Move (Original Mix) Royal Music Paris
96) Angello Ramirez - Fiesta (Original Mix) Vendetta
97) Anthony Atcherley - In My House (Out There Mix) Disco Bomb
98) Attila Syah - Tropical Trees (Original Mix) Pineapple Digital

Jan 13, 2015

List of the best songs in December 2014, genre deep house

This is a list of songs with deep house genre that I've carefully one by one selection. All songs in the list under the Nice and very tasty, perfect for the dj in action.

If you want to download please search through google site, you will surely find it. Please note you may have to buy the songs if no one share for free. A list of the best songs in December 2014, genre deep house, I hope can be a reference for you who are looking for a great song.

List of the best songs in December 2014

1. Bruno Dubass - Dance To The Death (Original Mix) Diamondhouse
2. Chicane, Bo Bruce - Still With Me (Van Hoog Edit) Modena
3. Chris Neon, Kaysee - Ordinary Life (More & Masters Remix) Pink Fish
4. City Soul Project - The Ride (Original Mix) City Soul Recordings
5. Craig Cornes - Over Love (Original Mix) Orange Groove
6. Criminal Vibes - My Heart (Original Mix) LoudBit
7. Da Capo - I Want You Back feat Soul Star (Original Mix) Soul Candi
8. Dani Villa, Rodri Vegas - Hoes (Original Mix) Feel Free
9. David Penn, Rober Gaez, Rae - I Lift My Hands (Club Mix) Urbana Recordings
10. Dirty Culture - So Many Things Save Room Recordings
11. Dirty South - Unbreakable feat Sam Martin (SNBRN Remix) Astralwerks (ASW)
12. Dj Bee, Soulution 4 Funk - Corruption (Original Mix) Adaptation Music
13. DJ Vartan, Techcrasher - To Be Close (Original Mix) Tactical
14. Djane Koki, Silver Ivanov - Deja Vu (Original Mix) Beatdown
15. Djane Koki, Silver Ivanov - Hold You (Original Mix) Beatdown
16. Doc Hosea - Back Ground Noise POJI
17. Dominic Bullock - Who Could This Be feat Hannah Dallas (Collabor8 Mix) Orange Groove
18. Dominica, Peter Gelderblom, Randy Colle - I Gotta Let U Go (Original Mix) Work  (Spinnin)
19. Eric Faria, Marta Martins, Joe Silveira - We Can Do It (Original Mix) LIP
20. Evil Twin, MZ Theo - Dreams (Original Club Mix) Moody Recordings
21. Fabio Tosti - Your Soul (Original Mix) Underground Mjuzieek Digital
22. Fire-Beat - Next (Original Mix) Buragum
23. Funkstar De Luxe - Sun Is Shining (Pole Folder & Jose Maria Ramon Rework) Lifted House
24. Gilbert Le Funk - Son Of A Gun (Original Mix) La Musique Fantastique
25. Gordon John - Move This (Original Mix) Hedonistic
26. Guim - The Way You Do (Original Mix) No Matter What
27. Hade & Gutta - Nothing Wrong Local Talk
28. House Soldiers - I'm Loving You (Original Mix) Hach
29. House Soldiers, Nobody's Fools - Come Right Here (Noah Petersen Remix) Hach
30. Hoxton Whores - Fusion feat Krysten Cummings (Benny Royal Remix) Whore House

List of the best songs in December 2014, genre deep house

31. IDQ - It's True (Original Mix) Love Inc
32. Illyus & Barrientos - Need Me (Brett Gould & Kevin McKay Remix) Glasgow Underground
33. J Latham - You & Me (Original Mix) ApartmentSixtyThree
34. Jackson Ryland - Total (Original Mix) Holic Trax
35. James Dexter - Take Me Back (Original Mix) Holic Trax
36. James Silk - Electric (Original Mix) Get Twisted
37. Jamie Stewart - You & I (Club Mix) Carrillo Music LLC
38. Jazz City - Space cafe (superclap cut) Manifold
39. J-Me Griffiths, Carwyn Harris - Good For Me (Original Mix) Mjuzieekal Education Digital
40. Joeski, Harry Romero, Shawnee Taylor - Get It Right (Dub Mix) Defected
41. K-Klass_-_Is_It_You__(Ben_Dooks_Remix)_Klass_Action
42. Kruse & Nuernberg, Michelle Owen, Isis Salam - We Find Deep (Formula 101 Remix) Rejected
43. Luca Bisori - Better Do It (Original Mix) Adaptor Recordings
44. Lucarelli, State Unknown & Lovella Ellis - You're My Everything (Atilla Cetin Nitec Remix)
45. Lucarelli, State Unknown & Lovella Ellis - You're My Everything (Extended Mix)
46. Maison All Stars - Say The Word (Original Mix) Mjuzieekal Education Digital
47. Mark Dale - Eyes Wide Shut (Original Mix) Hedonistic
48. Mark Fanciulli - Seal Of Approval (Original Mix) Suara
49. Martin Thomas - Move On (Original Mix) Soul City Digital
50. Matt Caseli, Terry Lex, Catraz - Born Slippy .Nuxx (Original Mix)
51. Max Corderoy - Nocturnal Soul (Original Mix) Seamless Recordings
52. Michael Lehmann - Untitled (Original Mix) Jazzy Butterfly
53. Mike V, Roberto Apodaca - Ashley Rivera (Original Mix) Fourth Kind
54. Milk & Sugar - Needin U With Barbara Tucker (Original Mix) Milk & Sugar
55. Modaal & Discojack - Don't Stop Zulu
56. Mutantbreakz, Kuplay - Outbreak (Original Mix) Need Money
57. Nastee Nev - Fly Away (feat Merldy B) House Afrika
58. Night Safari - Night Franklin Zulu
59. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (John Jacobsen Remix) Pacha Recordings
60. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (Samson Lewis Remix) Pacha Recordings
61. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (U-Ness & JedSet 2014 SoulHeat Remix)
62. Paul Hutchinson - Feel This One (Main Mix) Soul Mjuzieek Digital
63. Paul Hutchinson - Needin Your Love (Original Mix) Soul Mjuzieek Digital
64. Paul Sirrell - Bass Power (Original Mix) Orange Groove
65. Paul Sirrell - Stand By You (Original Mix) Orange Groove
66. Pete Tong - Dawn (Franky Rizardo Remix) Defected
67. Quell - Disorder Digital Exclusive (Original Mix) Saints & Sonnets
68. Ramon Poslera - You Got Me Burn (Original Mix) Old Lake
69. Rio Dela Duna, Luca Debonaire - Because Of You (We're 2Gether) (Original Mix) Casa Rossa
70. Rio Dela Duna, Terri B! - Say It (Original Mix) Housesession

list of the best songs in December 2014, genre deep house

71. Rob Turnover feat Jessy Howe - Freeride (Minus 8 Deep Vocal Mix) Beyond 8
72. Roberto Lopez, Jako Diaz - My Body (Jako Diaz Remix) Conkrete Digital Music
73. Schuhmacher, Dr. May - Back Home (James Silk Remix) 3beat
74. Seascape, Dawn Tallman - I Give It All To You (Seascape Mix) unquantize
75. Sebb Aston - We Fit Together (Original Mix) Simma Black
76. Shift K3Y - Not In To It (Original Mix) Ultra
77. Sllash - You (Paul Damixie Remix) Epic Tones
78. Sonic Future - Next To Me (Do Santos & Who Else Remix) Santos Music
79. State Unknown, Cassandra London - Need 2 Know (Est8 Remix) Guess
80. Ste Haley - So Hot (Original Mix) Orange Groove
81. Steevan, Neli - We Will Survive (SoulPoizen Futuristic Mix) Herbs & Soul Music
82. Terry Lex, Sean David, Angie Brown - I Need You (Carl Hanaghan Discopolis Remix)
83. Tilson & Diz - Desire (Original Mix) Get Twisted
84. Todd Terry - Sunshine (Ruben Anderson & William Belart) Line Up
85. Urban Flex - Need To Travel feat Nikol Forlida (Original Mix) Zero10
86. Will Clarke - No Shame feat Jason Honeywell (Original Mix) Seamless Recordings
87. Wrighty - Underground Groove (Original Mix) Defined Music
88. Yolanda Be Cool, Dcup - Sugar Man (Club Mix) Sweat It Out!
89. Yolanda Be Cool, Dcup - Sugar Man (POOLCLVB Remix) Sweat It Out!
90. Yvel & Tristan - Carolina (Crossninetroll Remix) Hi!Fly Music
91. A Lister - Hanging On (Original Mix) Orange Groove
92. Andrey Exx, Diva Vocal, Troitski - Get Up Stand Up (Spell & Magre Remix) Tiger
93. AS I AM, Nicola Tate - Saving Grace (Original) Defected
94. ATFC, Inaya Day - Reach Out To Me 2014 (eSQUIRE Houselife Remix) Conkrete Music
95. Big & Serious, Mierous Hennesy - Orbit (Time Takers Remix) Urban Dubz Music
96. Brazo Wa Afrika - Deep Within (Mofunk35) Mofunk

If you want to dance without moving from your seat, deep house is choice. List of the best songs in December 2014, genre deep house.  May be useful

Dec 29, 2014

Soulful house : Track selection November 2014

Track-List of songs genre soulful house nice, updated November 2014. Very good for dj perform in the club.

List soulful house : Track selection November 2014


1. Monocles, Slezz, TekniQ, Ras Vadah - Against The World (SoulProvider Remix) Skalla
2. Monodeluxe - Foreign Affairs (Original Mix) Bloodsugar
3. Munchies - Are You (Bollo Remix) Soluble
4. Muzart - The Party After (Reel People Remix) Reel People Music
5. Nacho Riveros - Backstage (Original Mix) Mjuzieek Digital
6. Nova Caza, Oded Nir - Space In Town (Olav Basoski Remix) Suntree
7. Pad Beryll, Sofia Rubina - Love 4 Everyone (Original) Soul Deluxe
8. Paggi & Costanzi, Roland Clark - A House Thing (Micky More & Andy Tee Deep Mix)
9. Paolo Viez - Our Love (Original Mix) Underground Mjuzieek Digital
10. Paul Hutchinson - All I Wanna Do (Paul Hardcastle Jnr Saxapella Mix) Slavz2House Digital

11. Paul Hutchinson - All I Wanna Do (Steve Miggedy Maestro's Vocal Mix) Slavz2House Digital
12. Paul Matthews, MJ White - Set Me Free (Richard Earnshaw Remix) Deep 8
13. Pete Le Freq, Coco Street - Give It Up (Kenny Summit & Tom Gianelli Remix) Llama Farm
14. Phil Fuldner - Deep Inside (Original) Guesthouse
15. Phil Marwood, Sandra C - Get Up (Deeplomatik Remix) Purple Music
16. Pierre Santino - Spotan (Original Mix) Soulman Music
17. Preslava Peicheva - Midnight People (Guido P HSR Mix English Version) Soulful Evolution
18. Preslava Peicheva - Midnight People (Soulbridge Mix English Version) Soulful Evolution
19. Prince, Him&Hurr - Wanna Be Your Lover (Original Mix) Whore House
20. Promonova, Janine Johnson - My Soldier (Husky's Bobbin Head Rub) Bobbin Head Music

21. Promonova, Janine Johnson - My Soldier (Instrumental) Bobbin Head Music
22. Przemaz B, Tony Lindsay - Reach Out (Przemaz.B Dub Mix) Manyoma
23. Rafael Yapudjian, Aline Jordao - Para de Chorar (Yuriy Poleg Remix) Heavenly Bodies
24. Ralf GUM, KB - My Angel GOGO Music
25. Ralf GUM, Monique Bingham - Take Me To My Love (Eric Ericksson Bigga Drum Rework)
26. Ralf GUM, Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be) GOGO Music
27. RedSoul - Out All Night (Trimtone Soulful Remix) Playmore
28. RedSoul, Carla Prather - Rise (Trimtone Remix) Playmore
29. Riffs & Rays, Soraya Vivian - I Wish I Didn't Miss You (Marm E Duke remix) Fierce Angel
30. Rory Hoy, Gramma Funk - Boogie All Night (Audio Jacker Remix) Tall House Digital

31. Russell - Fool for Love Basement Boys
32. Sam Martin - Clap For Me (Original Mix) OneFold
33. Seb Skalski, Fred Triplett - The Path (Seb's Club Mix) Purple
34. Seb Skalski, Fred Triplett - The Path (Seb's Original Mix) Purple
35. Seb Skalski, Masta P, Iza Kowalewska - My Heart (Seb Skalski & Masta P Swing Mix)
36. Sheba Jordan - Music Is My Way of Life (Masaki Morii Vocal remix) New Generation
37. Sigma, Paloma Faith - Changing (Majestic Remix) 3beat
38. Skibblez - Between You & Me (Original) Believe in Disco
39. Slade Wilson - Lucky Star (Original Mix) Orange Groove
40. Sofa Tunes - Have U Ever (Original Mix) Funkyroom

41. Son Of Sound - You Brought This on Yourself (Version 1) District 30
42. Soneec, DeVonde, Inaya Day - LIfe (URH Remix) Dublife
43. Soulbridge, Elan Noelle - Strange Play (Francesco Cofano Mix) HSR
44. Soulbridge, Elan Noelle - Strange Play (Ondagroove Mix) HSR
45. Soulful Session, Chelsea Como - Back & Forth Tony
46. Soulfuledge, CandaceK - One Heartbeat At A Time (Main Vocal Mix) Soulfuledge
47. Soulfunktion, Kenny Thomas - Sexy Girl (Othersoul Instrumental) Check It Out
48. Soulfunktion, Kenny Thomas - Sexy Girl (Othersoul Remix) Check It Out
49. Soulfunktion, Kenny Thomas - Sexy Girl Pt. 2 (Othersoul Instrumental) Check It Out
50. Soulfunktion, Kenny Thomas - Sexy Girl Pt. 2 (Othersoul Remix) Check It Out

51. Soulmanik - Does It Matter (Original Mix) Rural Musiq
52. Soulplate - Back It Up (feat Ben James) (Midnight Mix) Soulplate
53. Soulplate, Ben James - Back It Up (Missoless Remix) Soulplate
54. SoundofNewYork-LivingForTheFuture(OriginalMix)GHigh(1744)
55. South of Roosevelt, Nicolaas Black, My Boy Elroy - Count On You (Original) Elevated Tracks
56. Southlight, Katie Underwood - Element (Original Mix) Discopolis
57. Spellband - Organic (Rightside Remix) Double Cheese
58. Spuma - Santa's Underground Dustpan
59. Stones & Bones, Tweety - Don't You Remember (Original Mix) SoulDeep Inc.
60. Stones&Bones,Tweety-Don'tYouRemember(VirgoFourMerwynYou&MeRemix)

61. Superfunk, Jameisha Trice - Body 2 Body (House Of Levan alt dub) S&S
62. Superfunk, Jameisha Trice - Body 2 Body (Rubb Sound System remix) S&S
63. Tabula Rasa - Need To Know You're Mine (Original Mix) Crazy Monk
64. Tasita D'mour - Change My Heart (DJ Kawasaki VS MAKOTO Remix) Stutas Music
65. The Fierce Collective, Soraya Vivian - Heaven (Marm E Duke remix) Fierce Angel
66. The Layabouts - Do Better feat Portia Monique (Reel People Vocal Mix) Reel People Music
67. The Sunchasers - In Your Soul Nite Grooves
68. Tony Vass - Fly Me Higher (Earnshaw & Jones 80's Remode) Duffnote
69. Tony Vass - Fly Me Higher (JD73 Remix - Extended Mix) Duffnote
70. Tradelove - Some More (Original Mix) LoudBit

71. Two Kings, The Queen - Say Yes (Jamie Lewis Club Mix) Purple
72. Vangela Crowe, DJ SKATIE - Till I Loved Me (Masaki Morii Vocal Remix) New Generation
73. VDX, Jef - In The Mood (Original Mix) Diamondhouse
74. Vuky-J, Melvin Black - Light Up Our World (Main Vocal Mix) Deeptone
75. Vuky-J, Melvin Black - Light Up Our World (Nativeroots Main Instrumental Mix)
76. Vuky-J, Melvin Black - Light Up Our World (Nativeroots Main Vocal Mix)
77. Vuky-J, Melvin Black - Light Up Our World (Vuky-J's Club Instrumental Mix)
78. Vuky-J, Melvin Black - Light Up Our World (Vuky-J's Club Vocal Mix) Deeptone
79. Yogi, Tikki Tembo - Early In The Morning Nite Grooves
80. Alan De Laniere, Mak N'Dou - Breath (Original Mix) MCT Luxury

81. Alec Carlsson - Alicante (Original Mix) Gourmand Music
82. Andy Compton, Rogiers - Another Lover (DJ Vivona Remix) Tony
83. Ann Nesby, DJ Spen - I Feel (Rhemi Shake Mix) Quantize
84. Ann Nesby, DJ Spen - I Feel (Sahib Muhammad Original Mix) Quantize
85. Antoine Cortez - Waiting 4 Love (Original Mix) Bagira Ice Limited
86. Antonello Ferrari, Dawn Tallman - Read Between The Lines (Earnshaw's Lovesigh Dub Mix)
87. Antonello Ferrari, Dawn Tallman - Read Between The Lines (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
88. ATFC - Bank Loan (Original Mix) Mjuzieekal Education Digital
89. Audio Jacker - Rumours (Original Mix) Tasty  Digital
90. Audio Luxury, Tiara - Ask Me (Danilo De Santo Remix) Clubland

91. Barbara Douglas - Celebrer (Bruno Kauffmann Remix)
92. Beat Rivals, Flexie Muiso - Why Do I (Krazy K Vibe) Rival Beat
93. Beat Rivals, Flexie Muiso - Why Do I (Soulshy Retouched Original) Rival Beat
94. Ben Colmen, Velma Dandzo - Summer (Original Mix) Mr. Jack
95. Bhunu Brill, Darian Crouse - Nothing But House (IndySoul Remix) Tainted House
96. Biscoiteca - Another You (Original Mix) DeepBeat
97. Biscoiteca - Over You (Original Mix) DeepBeat
98. B-liv, Soraya - Take Me 2 The Music (Dub Mix) Mjuzieek Digital
99. Bollo feat Susie Palmer - Morning Star (Original Mix) Soluble
100.Brock & Laute - Body & Soul (Original Mix) Tactical
101.Bulletproof - Ragnarok 2037 (Original Mix) Bagira Ice Limited

102.Carlos Vargas, Danny - Summer Nights (Ars Domini Vocal Mix) Grooveland Music
103.Carlos Waytt - Spiritual (Original Mix) Bagira Ice Limited
104.Chappell - I Choose You (Original Mix) Suntree
105.Chappell - One 2 Another (Original Mix) Stimulated Soul
106.Chris Forman, Terrance Downs - Voices (Dino & Terry Apollo Vocal Mix)
107.Chris Forman, Terrance Downs - Voices (Dino & Terry Crash Vocal Mix) S
108.Clean Bandit, Sharna Bass - Extraordinary (Klingande Remix) Hed Kandi
109.Clemens Rumpf & David A Tobin - Jazz In The House (Sax Groove Mix) Funkyroom
110.Corduroy Mavericks, Emtre Hollis - True Love (Christian Alvarez Deep Afro Mix) Delecto

111.Crazibiza - Best Of My Love (Original Mix) PornoStar
112.Crossroads, Teisha Marie - Ain't Nobody Like You (Crossroads Soulful Mix) BeYourself
113.Daniel Kingley - Together (Skingz Remix) Funkyroom
114.Dario Martino, Angie Brown - In Your Love (Ego Valente Remix) Deeptown Music
115.Dario Martino, Angie Brown - In Your Love (Main Pass) Deeptown Music
116.Dario Martino, Angie Brown - In Your Love (TV Pass) Deeptown Music
117.Darrly D'Bonneau - Patience (Orginial Mix) Omi Tutu
118.Darryl 'D Bonneau - Patience (Muted Horn Original Mix) Omi Tutu
119.Dave Boyle - Sundance (Bollo Remix) Soluble
120.DeeJaySound - Funk A Nova (DjPope's Funk A Four 2 The Floor) POJI

121.Deepsy, Sowerbe - Love In Madrid (Original Mix) TeddyBear
122.Delorean Suite - Love & Sincerity (Bollo Remix) Soluble
123.Demarkus Lewis - It's Clear To Me (Original Mix) Grin Music
124.Demarkus Lewis - Something Divine (Original Mix) Grin Music
125.Diephuis, Saxy Mr S - For Ur Love (Original Mix) unquantize
126.Dimiz & El Jazzyra - Endless Dreams (Allan Zax Remix) Grouper
127.Dj Able, Mikie Blak - Get It Right (Original Vocal Mix) King Street
128.DJ EFX, Soul T - Missing Your Loving (Original Mix) Royal Music
129.DJ Hakuei - One (feat Yuko) (Lucas Rezende Remix) H2-Production
130.DJ Le Baron, Patroc - Second Chance (DJ Le Baron's Deep Mix) Soulful Evolution

131.DJ Le Baron, Patroc - Second Chance (Ondagroove's Disco Rub) Soulful Evolution
132.DJ Le Baron, Patroc - Second Chance (Vocal Mix) Soulful Evolution
133.Dj MBuso, Drew Smith - All I Do (AbicahSoul Vocal Mix) AbicahSoul
134.Dj Rimarkable - Peace Lives Here (Chris Nigel Remix) Liberate
135.DJ Soto - Synaptic Clef (Original Mix) Chugg
136.DJ Wizkid & Sokari, DJ Wizkid, Sokari - Trust in the Rhythm (Axor Remix) Groove Noise
137.Doc Link - Mind Body Soul (Andrew Chibale Deep Mix) Next Dimension Music
138.Doc Link - Mind Body Soul (Madueno Classic Mix) Next Dimension Music
139.Dollar & Tone - Music Takes Control (Original Mix) Mjuzieekal Education Digital
140.Dom Navarra, Kat Kyrris - Remember Who We Are (Originial) Favouritizm

141.Dreamer Tunez, Gokhan Sakaltas feat Inusa Dawuda - Hit Me (Original Mix) Germany
142.Duo Quadro - Bring The Funk Back (Original Mix) Desperadoz Germany
143.Eddy & Yannah - Reach the Sky (Reel People Remix) Reel People Music
144.Eventual Groove - Inside Out (The Disclosure Project Remix) Disclosure Project
146.FCL - It's You (Mousse T.'s Teef Vocal Mix) Hed Kandi
147.Franco De Mulero & Alex Laviano - Saturday (KPD & Submission DJ Remix) KMS
148.Franco De Mulero, Alex Laviano - Saturday (Original Mix) KMS
149.FrankStar, Darian Crouse - Your Love Affair (Original Mix) 4th Quarter Music
150.Fre3 Fly - Im Going To Make It (Nuendo Remix) Weird Club House
151.Funkstar De Luxe - Sun Is Shining (Extended) Lifted House

152.Gilbert Le Funk - La Musique Fantastique (Original Mix) La Musique Fantastique
153.H@k, Jenny Cruz - Love Is In The Air (Guido P 2014 Remix) Dejavoo
154.Hallex M, DJ Fudge, Omar - Ding Ding (GU's 90's Nostalgia Dance Mix) Makin Moves
155.Hercules&LoveAffair -MyOffence(DetroitSwindle'sAngerManagementRemix)
156.Incognito - Freedom to Love (Reel People Rework) Reel People Music
157.iVudu, Barbara Douglas - Taking Me Higher (iVudu Dub Remix)
158.Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford - For You (Andrew Hartley Classic Instrumental) Purple
159.Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford - For You (Andrew Hartley Classic Vocal Mix) Purple
160.Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford - For You (Andrew Hartley Club Remix) Purple

161.Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford - For You (Boris Dlugosch & Michi  On My Back Mix)
162.Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford - For You (Dj Fopp Remix) Purple
163.Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford - For You (Jamie Lewis New Jersey Mix) Purple
164.Jax Teller - Ooh Baby (Original Mix) Orange Groove
165.Jerry Ropero, Eddy Cabrera, Terri B! - Soul Heaven 2014 (Bobby Tee & Marc Williams Remix)
166.Joeflame - Living On The Edge D# Sharp
167.JoioDJ, Chanelle - The Dreams Come True (Soulbridge Dreamy Remix) Dejavoo
168.JoioDJ, Emma Diva - Saturday Night (Walterino & House Device Remix) Dejavoo
169.JoioDJ, Janine Johnson - My Discotec (JoioDJ Classic Mix) Dejavoo
170.Kaily - No Love (Ondagroove Remix) Deeptown Music

171.Kaily - No Love (Original Mix) Deeptown Music
172.Kaily - No Love (Terrence Parker Remix) Deeptown Music
173.Kaylow - I'm In Love With A Stranger (Chymamusique Mix) House Afrika
174.Kaylow - Nothing Better (Bright Breeze Mix) House Afrika
175.Kloud 9 - So Many Reasons (Reel People Remix) Reel People Music
176.Komplexity - Take It Away Baainar
177.Kostafunk - Let Me Be Good (Delicious Orgy Mix) Manyoma
178.LadyMarySound - Live Your Life (Guitardalex & E-Mil Remix) LadyMarySound
179.Lani SolidDeep, Jade Lovedale - Second Chance (Original Mix) Dursoul
180.Laura Estrada - If You Wanna Be My Only (Earl Tutu & John Khan Remix) Dejavoo

181.Lauren Flax, Kim Ann Foxman - Pleasure Principle (Kim Ann Foxman Remix) Creep INTL
182.Laurent Schark, Jerome Mr J - Right Move (Leeroy Daevis Remix) Funkytronik Music
183.Lay-Far - The Key Fifty Fathoms Deep
184.Lenell Brown, Terry Lex - Stun the Night Push On Music
185.Leoesco - HomeGood (Original Soul Mix) Manyoma
186.Lewis Ferrier, Mavis Acquah - Love Is On Its Way (Dutchican Soul Deeper Dub)
187.Lewis Ferrier, Mavis Acquah - Love Is On Its Way (Gilbert Le Funk Remix)
188.Liam Dunning - Something Here (Original Mix) House Trip
189.Liquideep - Welcome Aboard (Mario Basanov Remix) Mentalwave
190.Little Nancy, Lino Di Meglio, Laura V Astone - I Said (Original Mix) AudioBite Klub

191.Louis Benedetti, Selan - Reflection (Alternate Mix) Soulshine
192.Luke Million - Light & Sound (Club Mix) Etc Etc
193.Luke Million - Light & Sound (Young Franco Remix) Etc Etc
194.Madelin Zero, Rich Morel - Love the Love (Severino Remix) Outsider Music
195.Madera, Jenny T - Just Don't Say Goodbye (Club Mix) Wormland Gold
196.Majkol Jay, Liz Hill - Free Download (Gianni Bini Totally Legal Vocal Mix) Ocean Trax
197.Major Notes, Roxy - Kiss Goodnight (The Golden Boy Remix) Madhouse
198.Manjit - Deeper (Original Mix) Hot Stuff
199.MAQman, Joseph Junior - Hot (Original Main Mix) Tony
200.MAQman, Selina Campbell - Tight (Original Mix) Tony

201.Marc Cotterell - Feel The Vibe (Original) Plastik People Digital
202.Marc Tasio - Be Funky (Original Mix) Disco Balls
203.Matt Meler - I Went Down (Extended Mix) Discopolis
204.Maurice Joshua, Joyce Hurley - We Fall Down (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Dub)
205.Maurice Joshua, Joyce Hurley - We Fall Down (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)
206.Maxine, Stuart - Free (Let It Be) (Swag Extended Mix) Adrian & Raz (AdrianRaz)
207.Miami Horror - Wild Motion (Set It Free) (Rogue Vogue Remix) Vitalic Noise
208.Mike City - Cherish U (Frankie Dark Main Mix) Liquid Deep
209.Mike City - Cherish U (Phaze Dee Mix) Liquid Deep
210.Mike de la Cruz - Pure Love (Original Mix) Planet Dance Music

211.Mike Gillenwater, Sean Biddle, Tzesar - Soul to Soul (Toka Souldub) Bid Muzik
212.Mike Newman, Stricted Soul, Muzikfabrik - Sweetest Morning Touch (Soneec Remix) LIP
213.Mike Scot, River Jaxx - Happiness (Original) Purple
214.Mindy - All The Words You Do (Original Mix) Unique 2 Rhythm