Dec 22, 2014

Best track-list tribal house in August - October 2014

Best track-list tribal house and latin house in August - October 2014 : Really, I had trouble at all in getting good songs genre tribal house, which is suitable for performing. Hmm .. because these types of songs are rarely interested persons, lost its luster with commercial songs today. I just get a list of songs tribal house that very little good for 3 months. Do not worry, all the songs on this list I've listened.
Best tribal house 2014

And I think suitable to make the crowd dance. song list below is a compilation of the vocal and without vocals and please get the songs based on the list that I created. You can download the songs through a google search. Here, best track-list tribal house 2014 :

1. Coqui Selection - Arenita Azul (Original Mix) [Hotfingers]
2. Dave Kurtis - La Trompeta (Simon Fava Remix) [Tiger Records]
3. DJ Lapetina - Calor feat Paula Bencini & Alex Marie (Luis Erre Universal Mix)
4. D-Rashid, P. Moody - Bunda (Hivernage) (Massivedrum Remix) [NewLight Records]
5. Dualitik - Calipso (Original Mix) [Hotfingers]
6. Giuseppe Di Veglia - Sunny (Original Mix) [Underground Mjuzieek Digital]
7. Ivan Gomez - F##k You (Mauro Mozart Remix) [Matinee Music]
8. Jeanie Tracy - Stand Strong (Nick Bertossi Remix) [Cha Cha Boom! Recordings]
9. Joi Cardwell - Jump 4 Joi (J Zuart Remix) [Curly Gurly]
10. Jon Flores - Falling (Tribal Groove Mix) [Matinee Music]
11. Kid Massive, Elliotte Williams , Backwood - Pride (A Deeper Love) (Hoxton Whores Remix)
12. Maroy - Sunrise feat Freak Mind (Original Mix) [Bongo Tone]
13. Mavgoose & Quin - Tobeho (Praia Del Sol Remix) [NewLight Records]
14. Phil Romano - Cuidado (Original Mix) [Matinee Music]
15. Ralphi Rosario, HiFi Sean - Sex Machine (Ralphi Rosario Tribe Dub) [Cha Cha Boom!
16. Thomas Solvert - Going Underground (Original Mix) [Housesession Records]
17. Walid Martinez - Ya Layli (Original Mix) [4Kenzo Limited]
18. Mark Alvarado - No Ma Mes (Original Mix) [Sweet Karma Records]
19. Mastiksoul, Mastik - Burn Di Fire feat Pressure (Genairo Nvilla Remix) [4Kenzo Recordings]
20. Ministry Of Funk - Jambo (Original Mix) [DJ Xpress]
21. Redman, Method Man, Sugarstarr, GOH - I Used To Be (Rene Amesz Remix) [Milk & Sugar]
22. Robbie Rivera feat Louie Love - La Gente (Louie Vega Main Mix) [Juicy Music]
23. SteveSilkHurley,GregGibbs-TheGlowOfLove(EddieCuesta,JuniorGamara
24. Taito Tikaro, Flavio Zarza - The Secret Key of Life (Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez Dub Mix)
25. Alexei, Carlos Kinn, Gerald Henderson - Party Is Over feat Thane (Maroy's Alegria Remix)
26. DJ Aron - Get It Started feat Beth Sacks (Dub Version) [EPride Music Digital]
27. DJ Lapetina - Sexy Boy feat Junior Hallex (Zambianco Remix) [EPride Music Digital]
28. DJ Lapetina, Bruno Ramos - Clap Yah Hands (After Hours Mix) [1Tribal Records]
29. Joel Calero - Hey (Original Mix) [Sweet Karma Records]
30. Johnny Bass - Carnivale (Original Mix) [Sweet Karma Records]
31. Difesa - Passione (Double Pleasure Remix) [Bongo Tone]
32. Difesa - Passione (Santos Suarez Remix) [Bongo Tone]
33. Edson Pride, Vbuterfly la mariposa - Shake (You Are the One) (Sweet Beatz Project Remix)
34. Joe Gauthreaux, Mitch Amtrak - Bye Felicia (Nick Bertossi Tribal Mix) [Prop D Recordings]
35. Mastiksoul, Mastik - Burn Di Fire (Afro Mix) [4Kenzo Recordings]
36. Paula Bencini, Zambianco - Hey DJ (Let Me High) (DJ Lapetina Light A Hookah Mix)
37. Taito Tikaro, Flavio Zarza - Lovin You feat Stanley Miller (Original Mix) [Matinee Music]
38. Tony Moran - I Give In feat Orion (Enrry Senna & Mauro Mozart Remix) [Matinee Music]
39. Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer, T.Tommy - Drumlooper (Original Mix) [Matinee Music]
40. Vlada Asanin - Me Gusta (Original Mix)
41. Andromo - Sandkraft (Chris Fortier Remix) [Fade Records]
42. Christian Malloni - Agua Ardiente (Marcos Rodriguez Remix

I hope track-list songs tribal house above helps you to get the best, in between songs there. I am so sorry I can not provide download link for free, because I want to support the artists who make it.